Thursday, November 20, 2008

and we danced to the accordion.

Here are some photos from the art house party that I attended on Wednesday night (11/19/08).

My good friend, Jacob Sutton, invited me to go along with him to a first ever in-house art party at our beautiful and artistic friend Johanna's home downtown. The idea was to cover every wall in the house with paintings by friends and artists in our circle so they could be enjoyed during the party. We would get to see amazing art, eat great food, listen to new music, dress up in some rather eccentric fashions and be in the company of some of the best artists in town. Brilliant! We enjoyed a variety of cheese, crackers, fruit and beverages—snapped photos—and listened to Pandora radio. I didn't know many of the people there, but the 3 hours that I spent at the party was definitely some of the best spent time I've had lately. I met a lot of amazing people and due to the success of this event, I am predicting that this will be an on-going occurrence. yay! Without a doubt, the best part was when my new friend, Ernestina, from Switzerland brought her accordion out and forced everyone to dance with their eyes closed. It was an amazing night, and I can wait for the next one.


Taya Cornett said...

Haha good lord, I think I have the same eyelglasses as these! Christian Dior? Adore your blog by the way :)

Elise said...
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Elise said...

hahaha. I don't know what brand they were. the glasses were from a friend of mine who was passing them around to take pictures in. lol. and thanks! I'm glad you enjoy the blog. =) e